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Fox Fantasy Super Rugby Like for Like (ish) Replacement

Please check out Sportdeck’s Super Rugby fantasy game for those of you wishing to play something similar to the now cancelled Fox’s Super Fantasy Rugby. This game was launched very recently and was bought to our attention by Samuel (Thanks Again!).

Please follow this link for our Group Super Rugby Scout League (which is their version of a big league as their leagues limited to only 14 teams) the password is 007007 if you want to test your skills against us here at Super Rugby Scout.

Sportdeck’s Fantasy Super Rugby 2019 things to note of(Taken from the rules):

  • You can edit your entire team list while a round is not in progress, and, with the rolling lockout, players may be traded, substituted, named Captain/Vice Captain/Reserve, up until the time of the start of their team’s actual match. Players are locked into your team only at the time that their real match has started. You can also view each player’s scoring and performance breakdown, in team Analyser view.
  • You need to select your starting line-up of 15 players who will score FULL points, including 3 Props, 2 Hookers, 3 Locks, 4 Backrowers, 2 Scrum-halves, 2 Fly-halves, 3 Centres and 4 Outside backs – with 1 replacement (bench) player available in each position.
  • Your remaining eight ‘Replacements’ act as automatic emergency substitutes and will automatically have their score added (as long as they score greater than 0) to replace a player in your starting 15 who doesn’t play – in their matching position only.


  • Click the button to substitute the desired player OUTof your on-field 15. Then, select the highlighted replacement from the Bench in the matching position to complete your substitution.


  • You can make unlimited trades on your initial team entry. Your team is locked in and entered at the start of the next upcoming round after you joined.
  • You’ll then be able to trade up to a maximum of 3 players after the conclusion of each round, with a total of 51 trades available for the entire Season. You can make ONE, TWO or THREE trades at once.Players may be traded right through the week and during the rolling lockout, up until each player’s match has begun.
  • Trades can be reversed right up until the start of the FIRST match of each round. Once the round and rolling lockout is under way, you can no longer reverse any trades.


  • Your captain scores double points. You should also select a vice captain, who will score double points ONLY if your captain is a late withdrawal or doesn’t play for any reason.
  • You can change your captain and vice captain as often as you like, up until the time that your currently selected captain’s (or vice captain’s) match has started for the upcoming round. At this point, your selection is locked in for the round and cannot be changed.


  • Player pricing will also play a part in team selection and trading strategy, and your overall team value.
  • Each player’s price will vary based on their most current performance from round to round. A rolling average is used to determine how a player’s value changes and they must have played at least 3 games in order for their value to increase or decrease. Your team value is determined based on the overall value of your selected players, plus any leftover amount in your salary cap.

Here at Super Rugby Scout we will be playing both games but our posts will be mostly focusing The Rugby Magazine Game for 2019 with our weekly round-ups and transfer information.

Please do let us know your thoughts on both games.


2019, 2019, SUPER RUGBY

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