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#SuperRugbyScout 2019 League

Ok, so (drumroll ………….) this year we’re going to be playing the Rugby Magazine platform for our salary cap fantasy league in replacement of fox.

Please use the following url to share and invite other users to the #SuperRugbyScout League:

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Last year we ran the largest and most competitive league on Fox. It was highly competitive an in the end won by @emsliedustin, edging out other big fantasy manager names in an epic tousle in the last few weeks.

This year we’re very much hoping for the same and we’re excited to be playing on the Rugby Magazine platform. It’s built by a fan, for fans, and over the coming weeks we’ll be writing a few strategy articles as we get familiar with the rules to help our both new and old managers as we switch. However, there’s a few highlights:

  • Points system similar to Fox.
  • Player pricing system similar to Fox.
  • Squad based scoring system where your bench contributes, which means you really need to think about the squad of 28+, not just the starting 15.
  • Additional flexibility with more transfers, but at a cost of points.
  • Automatic substituting from the bench, one of your starters gets pulled last minute.

We’ll cover all of those and more in the coming weeks, but the best thing about the platform is that the guy that runs it wants to build the community and where feasible make changes based on feedback to make the platform better. We’ve already suggested some very minor changes, that were turned round almost immediately. Over the coming weeks we’re going to run some polls on the site about which feature or functionality you most miss from Fox, or change you’d most like to see in the Rugby Magazine format, and based on that feedback, and how easy or not it is, there’ll be a number of improvements.

However, the most exciting thing is because the owner wants to grow the community he’s happy to help our #SuperRugbyScout league with prizes for weekly winners, in the form of premium upgrades. More on that to follow, so keep you eyes peeled to the blog.



4 thoughts on “#SuperRugbyScout 2019 League Leave a comment

  1. 1 loved the head to head battles with friends, that went into a finals series at the end
    2. Loved the fact you could change / sub players right up until they had played not just a single lock out.
    3. Loved the idea you could swap you captain/ vice captain to give you a double chance at BIG points.


    • So 2. and 3. completely agreed. We never really played the head to head but the Rugby Magazine is keen to understand the format to see if it’s something they can do. Can you give an outline of how it worked Champell ?



  2. You were put (or made,) a league of between 8 and 20 players and then play everyone once or twice. You got 4 points for the win 2 for the draw none for a loss. ( I think a bonus point system would be A kool addition say if your team gets over 400 point or if you lose by 50 or less you get a bonus )
    At around week 16 the top 8 teams make the quarterfinals with 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7 etc. followed by the semi and final.


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