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Fantasy Super Rugby 2019

And with that, Fox Fantasy Super Rugby was finished ………

So ….. no more Fox Fantasy Super Rugby. Whilst the game, and Fox, were at times super frustrating, Super Rugby will be the poorer for it. It’s a sad, sad time that a staple of my year, and a large part of Thursday night, Friday afternoon and Saturday morning will now be missing. I’d like to take a moment to show our respect to the format’s passing:

Image result for RIP

But, life, and Fantasy Super Rugby goes on, and to that end we’d like the help of the community to find a new home for the #SuperRugbyScout fantasy league. I’ve done a quick run through of the currently active Fantasy Super Rugby games with my thoughts on format, rules, scoring etc …. below:


So this is one of the more popular sites, and obviously SuperBru have a few other games not just the Fantasy Super Rugby.

However, my main problem with SuperBru is twofold

  • There’s no concept of player value. It’s basically just picking a side of 23, and trying to avoid having too many of one side. Let’s be honest, this if Fantasy Super Rugby for idiots. It removes a large amount of strategy and takes away a lot of the challenge. I mean, it’s not like you’ll sit at your pc for 2 hours making and then re-doing transfers to desperately find the right combination to allow you to bring both Ioane’s in, because you stupidly left them out of your week 1 team.
  • The website and format is a little dated now and could do with a refresh.


So, I dabbled in this one last year, but it couldn’t turn me from Fox. Few highlights:

  • Squad based, rather than fist 15, so you bench scores points, all be it less.
  • Pretty easy to pick a team, although filtering, player selection is a little limited in places.
  • Limited transfers – one free a week. I guess the focus here is on picking a decent squad, and then rotating. Without having put significant time into the game I don’t know whether it’s best to have 30+ players and not have to pay for subs across SA only gameweeks, or pick the best 28 players you can and ride them.
  • Player stats and additional features hidden behind paywall. I get it, it costs money to run these things, but I want a big slab of player stats I can put in a spreadsheet. SuperBru at least gives you some past history on scoring.

Overall, I think this is promising, and definitely one for the more involved, and sophisticated Fantasy Manager.


So I play this format for the English Premiership, and as a massive NFL fan I love the draft format.

The boys over at Fantasy Rugby TV are running a set of leagues in this format. There’s a lot to love:

  • DRAFT a team ….. I mean, awesome.
  • Free agents are lively, keeps everyone on their toes.
  • Conference format keeps it competitive.

However, it’s got one major drawback as I see it, which is based on the format. You don’t have the overall ladder. There’s no global leaderboard to benchmark yourself against, and as far as I’m concerned that is the core of Fantasy Super Rugby. Slowly clawing your way up the rankings into that top 50, and being able to keep an eye on just how kak everyone else is doing.

I love the format, I think it’s complementary, but I don’t think it’s the replacement for Fox.

So, those are the tree that are live (well almost in the case of Fantasy Rugby Draft). I think they’ll be more to come over the next week or two. Once we’ve narrowed down the format we’ll post a few strategy pieces, but it’s going to be a learning process for all of us.




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  1. Excellent Article. Sounds like me need a version like Fox had, with a few long overdue tweaks and A FREAKIN WILDCARD, ran by people who give a S£$%.


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