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Fox Fantasy Super Rugby Team – Week 9


  1.  Sio: Cheap, solid.
  2.  Parsons: Slim pickings this week, but best hooker starting
  3.  Toomaga-Allen: Could be a game for the props, and I’ve gone form man, so at least he’ll increase a little in value
  4. Retalick: simply awesome, and Chiefs will need another big game from him.
  5. Himeno: Blues are horrible, 8 playing at lock
  6. Naisarani: season pick, will shoot up in value, don’t really care how he plays, but should be reasonable.
  7. Ioane: awesome, should be awesome, the only thing that could stop him is injury (says a prayer)
  8. Mafi: as per the above. Spend that money on the backrow this week. Both Ioane and Mafi could be well into the 60s.
  9. Genia: top SH, great match-up
  10. Little: that’s right. I called this last week but didn’t have the balls to put him in my own personal team. I’m doing it this week. The guys awesome. Great genes.
  11. Tom English: this is a result of spending money on Brodie and the backrow, but good match-up this week, plenty of upside.
  12. Laumape: finding some form.
  13. Reiko: should really be playing 13 for the Blues, but huge upside here. Hopefully not another choke week.
  14. Naholo: good run of games, the guys great.
  15. McKenzie: Is McKenzie

WARNING: DMck is bracketed to start. That means he might well not recover in time and you’ll need to play a waiting game with transfers. IF he doesn’t play, it frees up money to drop English and play a combo of Naiyavararo and one of J Barrett, Lam, Alaimalo.

Captain: Akira Ioane.

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