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Week 6 Fantasy Round-up


The Dream Team Of Week 5 ( Points):


  • Wilco Louw scoring 50 points
  • Fereti Sa’aga scoring 40 points


  • Marx scoring 79 points(Off the Bench)


  • M. Orie scoring 48 points 
  • P. du Toit 42 points 


  • P. Matera scoring 81 points 
  • C. Timu scoring 64 points 
  • Javier Ortega Desio scoring 58 points


  • W. Genia scoring 40 points


  • N. Sanchez 51 points


  • J. Goodhue 62 with points
  • B. Meukes scoring 59 points


  • D. McKensie with 91 points
  • E. Boffelli 70 scoring points
  • T. Pulu scoring 64 points

TOP SCORER – D. McKensie the top point scorer of Week 6.


  1. Ardie Savea -7 points, got penalized a few times, then started to make some runs. Just after that he seemed to break a rib and was taken off 7 points. I’m sure most team managers will struggle with transfers this week like me…
  2. POOREST PERFORMER – Tim Perry –6 points.

What has round 6 taught us:

  1. Marvin Orie is one to watch outscoring Brodie Retallick,  He’s already scored 3 tries this season and is averaging over 26 points a game.
  2. Damien McKensie showed he can play at 10 last week, although the opposition was not a Kiwi team. He was sublime last week and if you don’t already have him, what you waiting for??
  3. Jack Goodhue is definitely a consistent centre and I reckon he’s going to force his way into The All Black setup.
  4. Will Genia is clearly the scrumhalf to have. I thought his first performance of the season was maybe a once off but he now has an average 25 points…
  5. Marx is a ridiculous points machine this year. Who comes off the bench and scores 79 points? Not even Folau has done something so incredible ever. I subbed him out as I had the luxury to do so… Massively regret that now!
  6. Always and I mean always check the starting line-ups.
  7. Apart from the ever consistent Kerevi I am starting to think C. Timu is the real deal, I wonder what will happen to him when Scott Higginbotham returns as he is doing a great job.
  8. The Stormers have the all the props, Steven Kitshoff leading the pack as well as Wilco Louw not far behind. Get them in!!!

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