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Fantasy Super Rugby Week 3: Don’t Touch, Pause, Engage.


Don’t PANIC !!! It’s only week 2. Hopefully you picked your team mostly on the basis of a season long view, not entirely based on week 2 match-ups. Given that both the Brumbies and the Hurricanes were large double digit favourites and significantly under performed, there’s a few fantasy managers with burnt fingers (me included).

Below is our summary of recommendations of players to ship in, ship out, or either hold onto, or hold off bringing into your teams.

(Bossman is AWOL tonight “wine tasting” so his updates will be tomorrow morning)

Teams on a BYE: Highlanders

Teams with Tough Match-ups: Bulls, Stormers, Jags.

Injury Watch: check out the Fantasy XV Draft casualty ward.



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Julie Savea (HURR) – I am just not convinced he is going to perform regularly this season. My advice is to look elsewhere if you don’t have him already.He’s still really cheap though and if you can play him from your bench, maybe then he’s worth keeping for another week or so as he’ll most likely have that 1 or 2 games where he scores 2/3 tries.

Henry Speight- Lived up to his 20 something average. ‘Double Digit Favourites’ the Brumbies and this guy scores 10 on attacked before the points updated him to 20, half his score was pretty much made on defense and like that he’s gone out of my team FOREVER! I am not taking anything away from the Sunwolves there played well and at home will be no push over.

Willemse & Leyds(STO) – Injured in week 2, Leyds slots in at 10 for the Stormers, this didn’t work to well last Fleck played him at 10 last year… Leyds sure to lose value unless he make an 50 meter break but they are playing the Stomers at home, currently sitting on 16 points, he’s bound to lose more in value this week. I cant understand why there was no other 10 bought to fill the void of departing 10’s, its not like its a really important position in team…




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Stormers – soooo unlucky against the Tah’s last week. Let’s not forget, the Tah’s did have the 4th worst defence last year though, so there was always going to be points in it for the stormers, but things get a lot tougher now; tour games against the crusaders and highlander. Leyds laid an egg last week and loses a tonne of value with Marais back. Willemse may be injured, might be able to play, but I’d ditch him anyway. Kolisi, gone.

Jags – every season, you can buy into the hype, but if you’ve got forwards like Matera, Creevy, I swap them out. Breakdown and scrum laws are stricter this year, and the Jags like penalities and yellow cards at the best of times. Too inconsistent. If you’re holding on to their backs you’re a braver person than I am, but at least they have a shot at points.

Kriel – Jessie Kriel is averaging 50 pts….. wtf. I sub him out, take the money and bring in a banker.

Gatland – amazing game, ballsy if you started him, if you benched him, reap the financial rewards. I’d take some money and trade up.

Hodge – not kicking and didn’t even managed to get a part of stuffing the Reds.

Havili, Goodhue – these guys we’re awesome last year. Not fashionable but top points scorers. Given they’re playing the Stormers I might be a week early on this, but they’re both ~$400k now which put them near a premium bracket where you might want to trade up.

Thompson, Smith – Highlanders on a bye, so this is a part gimmie, but I think there’s better value and more upside at other positions. Not sure about the Highlanders this year.



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Seta Tamanivalu(CRUS) and David Havili only made 4 and 19 points respectively but they are bound to come good soon enough. Not to mention if you sell them now you’ll be losing money on them, patience and not panicking is key…Jack Goodhue(CRUS) A great banker just like last year with 51 points, not sure what Feast is on about…



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Rebels – That game was horrible last week, and I’m not sure we learnt much about how good the rebels actually are. We learnt the Sunwolves are decent at home though. If you picked Rebels to start, like Mafi, Genia, English etc… hold them this week. I don’t bring in any extra Rebels though. Rebels are only 8 pt favourites, could be very similar to last week.

Hurricanes – generally poor last week, struggled at altitude, the likes of Savea x2, Aso, Fifita under performing. Don’t panic. Another good match-up, yes at altitude, yes along travel, but they need to perform. I’d ride this week before looking to make changes next week for the ‘saders game before their bye.

Chiefs – plenty of cheap options – Stevenson at FB this week, Aliamalo looked sharp, but I’m not rushing them into my side. DMck was ok for fantasy, but pretty crappy for their actual gameplay.

Kwagga – bottled up last week, missing this week, mediocre performance and cost you $40k. However, the Lions have a great run, if you can afford it keep him in as you’ll only want him back in the Blues, Sunwolves, Jags run of games.

By the way, have I talked enough about how easy the Lions run of games are ? I’m a little cautious about bring more in this week, because let’s face it, do you want to be relying on Jantjies and Mapoe on a Saturday afternoon, but I’d pile in next week.

Stormers – I’m holding a few. Pieter-Steph, Kitshoff, should rack up tackles and will need to carry the ball more. I’m 50/50 on whether I’d ditch Marais. If he’s kicking he should do ok and you can roll the dice this week, given he’ll probably still tick up a little in value.



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Dyanti & Saumaki – I agree with Feast here, you cant argue with 102 and 79 points. Apart from their fantasy points both look like making you load more $$$$. These 2 might be the picks of the season, although Yamada is playing for the Sunwolves again this year so it might be worth seeing if Saumaki starts every game in next couple of weeks first.

Johnny Kôtze, Lappies, Tom Cusack are great value buys for this week, all scoring around 40 and over. Lappies should start ever game for The                                        Sunwolves and is a tackling machine, he made 24 against the Brumbies…

SP Marais – I had this guy last year and he was a big part of me being ahead of Feast. Now that I know he’s kicking he is must for me, only hope I can afford to bring him this week..

Damien Fitzpatrick – He was the highest scoring Hooker this week and is great value at $237K. If you need a cheap no.2, he has a solid average and is starting yet again The Sharks. I had Paenga-Amosa  who scored 23 points and is just over half that price, so if its a real bargain for a back-up hooker you are after look no further.

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Dyanti & Saumaki – of course, you’ve got to try to pick these guys up, even just for the bench. Lions might have a tougher game of it this week, so think carefully about playing Dyanti, but definitely grab him. I’ll be honest, the Sunwolves game is the only game I didn’t watch the entire game of. But if Saumaki can do that to the Brumbies, he should have fun with the Rebels.

Hookers (the rugby ones ….) – In days gone buy Hookers were the fantasy gold dust, and priced accordingly. You HAD to spend $300-$400k+ and captain them. Not anymore, we’re embracing any number of cheap and easy hookers (still talking rugby). There’s currently only 3 starting hookers over $300k. If you don’t fancy Marx or Creevy, or want to save money, there’s plenty to choose. Ricciteli ($227k) is always good for 30-40. Mann-Rea ($213k) does well with push over’s with the Brumbies. If you want to go super cheap, Paenga-Amosa is still only $126k.

TJ & Pulu – these guys will most likely be 1 and 2 in Fantasy this year. Pick them up if you haven’t already.

There’s some great backrow options – Lappies, Naisarani, Akira.

The only Rebels I would pick up if I don’t have them this week, and I REALLY don’t like other option are Haylett-Petty & Mafi.

Manu’s back at prop for the Blues. Bargain.

If you took a bargain FH at the start, I look to trade up to Mo’Unga and Barrett. Mo’Unga was a ok last week, but Crusaders are big favourites against the Stormers. Barrett got a point for every minute he was on for the Hurricanes and might not get much cheaper this year.


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