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Super Rugby Scout Team & Position Previews

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be providing previews across all three conferences, and all 15 teams. We’ll cover key players across teams, as well as making sure we cover all positions for each division. We’re not going to get into every player, but we’ll highlight:

The Top Players across each conference: We’ll rate these on a 0-5 star basis.

Image result for 5 stars no background– Top 20 points performer – guys averaging 40+ pts a week

Image result for 4 stars no background– Top 50 points performer – 35+ pts a week

Image result for 3 stars – Top 100 points performer – 30+ pts a week

Some positions just don’t have players that get those kind of points right – Props / Locks – which is why we’ll not only cover positions but also a couple of other categories:

 Players: We’ll highlight great value picks in each divison and across some fo the teams – someone to stash on the bench with upside, or start so that you can afford to get DcK and Folau in.

: Off the wall picks for players with great potential upside, but who might be more than a touch risky.

Obviously it’s not just about picking the highest points scorers across all the teams, that would be too easy and frankly down right boring. Each year Fox has made it progressively harder to pick a good team. The 2018 season looks to be the toughest yet, and the key to a successful season as ever, is finding that right balance of Fantasy studs, a few unproven gems, and a squad of good points for value players.

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