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So, the fantasy super rugby season is over. One that promised so much, and provided everything you’d ever want, or not want – last minute injury withdrawals, fantasy studs bombing, players coming out of nowhere, and more individual 100 point games than I can remember.

However, I can’t help but feel dropping the British and Irish Lions tour a few weeks before the end, and screwing up the fixtures sort of took the wind out of the season. That said, there’s been some great knock-out games, not least the Lions vs Hurricanes, and then final this weekend should be a cracker.

So congratulations to our very own Mark Pelteret. Clearly there’s a direct inverse correlation between amount of time spent writing posts for the blog and fantasy team performance. Mark’s contribution this year has been precisely ZERO in terms of blog output, but in the end he clinched the #superrugbyscout fantasy title, and a comfortable top 100 position coming in 79 in the global rankings.

Thanks to all those the entered the league this year. Mark won his personal bet with myself and Bossman so there’s $$$ winging it’s way to him this year. Dependent on update next year we might open out the money stakes.

We’ll write a few season round up pieces over the next few weeks, covering some learning, what worked and didn’t work, and take a look back at our preseason picks and see how we fared. Keep an eye out.

Below are the final Top 10 standings of the #superrugbyscout league.

2017 Final League Placings.PNG

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