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Our Team for Week 15…

Please bare this in mind from the guys who run this game at Fox Sports:

Just a heads up regarding the Super Rugby fixture for Rounds 15 and 16.
Round 15 will be a complete round with all 18 clubs playing but will run over an extended period of time from Friday June 2nd to Sunday July 2nd.
Round 16 has one match (Hurricanes v Chiefs) that falls into the middle of Round 15. For the purposes of the Fantasy competition, these two clubs will be considered to be on a bye in Round 16. This leaves 10 of the 18 clubs playing in Round 16 with the remaining clubs on a bye. You will receive an extra trade in Round 16 (making a total of 4 trades for this round) to help manage your team.

As Feastjuice said on twitter about as clear as mud! These guys dont have clue or just dont care, maybe it’s both. Dropping a game as bye for both The Chiefs and The Hurricanes players in Round 16 terrible and only telling us now is a joke in my opinion. No wait we get an extra transfer… With only 10 teams out of 18 playing in round 16, I think it’s fair to say: WE NEED A WILD CARD FOX SPORTS!

Rant over, here is my team for Round 15, please bare in mind I only know the starting line-ups of the 10 teams that play this weekend…

I’ll be captaining Mo’unga again.






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