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Fantasy Super Rugby Week 5: Dream Team, Top Scorer, Unluckiest Pick, Poorest Pick and what did we learn?

SENTIMENT OF THE WEEK: Waratah’s are a different team with Foley at the helm. 


TOP SCORER – Jaco Kriel (LIONS) scored 94 Points, with the loss of Schalk Burger, this looks promising. Foley at 93 deserves a mention too, he was prolific and transformed the Waratahs into the team they were last year. Izzy at 15 was also a big improvement.

UNLUCKY PICKS –Oupa Mohojé(CHEE) –he ended on 3 points, gave away 4 penalties, received a yellow card. He had a total of 25 points deducted from his score.

POOREST PERFORMER – Tim Perry(CRUS) with -5 and Oli Kebble(STOR) with – 4

What has round 5 taught us:

  1. The injuries still going up and up. check our #srsinjury for more info. Foley might be missing this week as his concussion symptoms seem to have unfortunately not totally disappeared yet.
  2. Janse van Rensburg (LIONS) can have a bad week and still managed to get 33 points. I captained him and did not enjoy watching him repeatedly drop the ball against The Kings.
  3. Jaco Kriel was awesome against The Kings but I never seem to pick him at the right time. I think he’s in great form and if you have the $499K lying around I reckon he’s a solid buy. Just beware he is on a bye the following week.
  4. The Crusaders continued their winning streak. Whetu Douglas(CRUS) was rested so beware of this in future. I paid the price for this by only having 2 backrowers starting last week.
  5. Without The Hurricanes and the Chiefs playing fantasy teams struggled including mine. The Lesson: Take note of the byes and make sure your team has a spread of players from different team who are not on byes at the same time. Ensure your bench consists of starters too.
  6. Senatla(STOR) put in a decent performance and managed to make 53 points but it was against the Sunwolves I would have like to see him with more ball more in hand but the centres did not pass to him often enough. Unfortunately he picked up an injury and wont be around for up to 6 weeks.
  7. The Bulls are as bad as I feared and are up against the Chiefs this week. If you own any sell them now as their values are bound to pitfall.



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