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Fantasy Super Rugby Week 4: Hit or Miss

Week 4 was another tough one on managers, needing to limit the number of Chiefs and Canes and bring in some potential one week wonders. How did we get on with our picks.

Don’t Touch (SELL) 

Hurricanes – Image result for green thumbs up ditching Coles 43pts and keeping A Savea 83pts was the right call in the pack. Ardie lead the week overall, and whilst Coles was still joint 3rd top scorer, he dropped in value a bit more. However, both Laumape 53pts and Aso 49pts had solid weeks, and there were only a small handful of better scoring centres. 3 of the 4 of that small handful were mentioned in this post. I think this is a  you probably needed to ditch hurricanes, and if you followed our advice at centre hopefully it wasn’t too painful.

Chiefs – Image result for green thumbs up Elliot 14pts to Latu 26pts was an easy one in that price bracket. However Kerr-Barlow 23pts continues to perform, and it was probably worth keeping him unless you went De Clerk or A Smith. Our pick of swapping with Reinach 8pts was a crap one.Image result for red thumbs down

Pause (HOLD)

Image result for wildcard1.Image result for green thumbs up Kerevi 50pts – Bossman continues to play it very safe. Of course if you have Kerevi stick with him. Whilst the Lions gave the Reds a mauling, he only needs 1 of his barnstorming runs to rack up near 50pts.

2. Image result for green thumbs up Kerr Barlow 23pts – Bossman has a little more faith than I did, and it paid off.

3. Image result for green thumbs up McKenzie 52pts – Solid, and whilst the Chiefs struggled largely against the ref most of the game, McKenzie was lively throughout.

Image result for professor x

1. Image result for green thumbs up McKenzie 52pts – see above 😀

2.  Savea 44pts over Laumape 53pts over Aso 49pts. That was my order of Hurricanes preference. Up until Fekitoa got injured I think it would have played out. Fekitoa’s one of the best in the business defensively, and did you SEE that goose step around Savea (about 59 seconds in). I mean you wouldn’t have seen Laumape stroll around Fekitoa the same way he strolled around Banks. But there was not much across these three hurricanes, ideally you played them all, but then you’d be screwed this week. It didn’t really matter who you stuck with or not, they all performed.

3. Image result for green thumbs up Folau 21pts – I actually ignored my own advice NOT to bring Folau in and was duly disappointed in him. We’ve been quite anti-Folau most of the year, and this was another game not to play him. Gibson’s selection is killing him and fantasy managers.

Engage (BUY)

Image result for wildcard1.Image result for green thumbs up Rohan Janse van Rensburg 65pts – As Bossman said, an unstoppable machine, especially at home. His battle with Kerevi was one to watch.

2.Image result for green thumbs up Pollard 31 pts – 31pts isn’t a huge score, but FHs are really struggling this year. Pollard was the 4th highest scoring FH, so pretty decent.

3.Image result for red thumbs down Curwin Bosch 28 pts– the sharks disappointed and got mired down with the Kings. That helped the forwards, but didn’t help the backs. 28pts was very average, but at least if you picked him you got a nice $50k up tick in value.

Image result for professor x

1.   Kerevi 50pts – 6th highest scoring centre. It’s saying a lot of Kerevi that that’s slightly disappointing, and given that he dropped a little more value, this one was 50/50. Solid performance, but maybe you could have hung onto Laumape / Aso, switched another position and brought in Kerevi this week a little cheaper.

2. Image result for green thumbs up My main Sharks pick was Du Preez 40pts – solid. I also name checked Am 27pts Esterhuizen 55pts. Am was solid and Esterhuizen had a great week.

3. Image result for red thumbs down Liebenerg $7pts and Bothma -7pts were my Bulls picks, with a preference for Bothma, as he would be similar points for value, but free up some money. Both crapped out, with Bothma getting a red – Fantasy Manager’s Nightmare.

Scores on the Doors (only taking into account Hold and Buy as the Sells were joint)

Bossman: +4

Feastjuice: +2

Great week for the Bossman.

Image result for green thumbs up Week 4 Super Rugby Scout Line-up

With a stonking 557 points pre-captain our week 4 line-up had a couple of additional gems to those highlighted in our don’t touch, pause, engage. Du Toit and Jenkins had great weeks, and if Jenkins hasn’t dropped one over the line he could have been up there with Brodie this week.





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