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Stick or Twist – Last Minute Tinkering #SuperRugbyScout #SuperRugby #FoxFantasy

So, week 1 is in the bag and as ever in the minutes leading up to the first game I was frantically flipping my line-up, completely ignoring all the sensible advice I’d written up preseason. Granted this year with the Thursday games it’s a little more tricky to settle on a team with only half the team news out. The Hurricanes resting Coles and Barrett also didn’t help. However, for those that read the Week 1 Line-up post this is full disclosure on where things ended up versus where they started. I’m in the UK, so I typically put a team together the night before, and then have a quick look before the first game kick-off to decide if to change anything. This week there was a LOT that changed:


As you can see I made 7 changes from the team I posted. Two enforced because of Coles and Barrett, and whilst Manu was a great pick over Hames, and Ioane got 1 more point than Kerevi the other 5 picks all lost me points.

Basically my last minute starting selections sucked. It’s a clear example of doubting sound fantasy logic when the pressure’s on and kick-off is rapidly approaching. On the basis that I could have started the Canes back-ups and put someone in for Bothma I could have been 30+or probably 40+ points better this week. (obviously if I’ve not captained Folau that also would have been helpful)

Lesson learned – stick with logic. Don’t tinker last minute. (that’s lesson learned until 5mins before kick-off approaches this week)



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