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What and Who is Missing from Fox Fantasy Super Rugby 2017!

Firstly, let me just say that I really enjoy playing Fox Fantasy Rugby. Its best attribute is that apart from cheering on players playing in matches I would normally never watch, players who don’t necessarily score tries can score high points for being outstanding on the pitch.

This is because your scoring system is what makes this game unique and so much better than any football aka soccer fantasy games where players like Paul Scholes hardly ever got any points and we all know he was an excellent player.

With only just over 2 week to go until the competition starts coaches are starting to get their fantasy teams in order and find out if there are any bargains to be had. Unfortunately, there are not many to be found from players that played last year. It seems the value of the players has apathetically been left as per their values at the end of last season. Kerevi is 693K and Folau is 625K, if you pick them both you have spent over 10% of your budget. I could let this slide as maybe, just maybe Fox are trying to make the game way more tough this year but then…  Pieter Steph is listed as Hooker. I know Alister Coetzee played him at 6 for the Springboks but please hooker, just let the guy play lock, he’s great at it. Liam Messam and Ed Quirk are also listed at fly-half, the less said about that the better.

Image result for ed quirk

Then there is your new players that are not in the game yet for eg. Uzair Cassiem.  He is a Cheetah’s flanker and is not even listed in the game.  Being a standout Springbok during last year’s Autumn Internationals is not something you can say for many of the players, so please Fox put him in the game already at 112K.

The lovely WILDCARD, WHY OH WHY has this been taken out of the game the coding can’t be that hard surely… This gave some of my rivals l a chance to catch-up especially if a few of your players get injured during a season it helps you get back on your feet. Especially with the increase in the number of games, so many players are rested and not fielding a full team is painful to watch.

Please don’t end the game before the semi’s finals again, that cost me my season last year.

It’s an exciting game and with a few minor tweaks it can be so,so much more fun, but still here’s looking forward to a great 2017 and re-taking my league title!



2 thoughts on “What and Who is Missing from Fox Fantasy Super Rugby 2017! Leave a comment

  1. Wah wah wah ! …… injuries cost me the title last year ….. wah wah wah ! if only I had a wildcard ! A bad workman blames his tools …… you need to better plan your squad rotation this year Marco ;-D


  2. Thanks Patrick and you are a tool😜, it seems I need to write a part 2 to this as most players seem to be in their correct position after the latest update.


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