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Fox is Live


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Round 3: Bulls, Rebels
Round 4: Force, Stormers
Round 5: Chiefs, Hurricanes
Round 6: Brumbies, Jaguares, Kings, Sunwolves
Round 7: Cheetahs, Crusaders, Lions, Rebels
Round 8: Force, Highlanders, Sharks, Waratahs
Round 9: Blues, Reds
Round 10: Bulls, Hurricanes
Round 11: Brumbies, Kings
Round 12: Chiefs, Stormers, Sunwolves, Waratahs
Round 13: Jaguares, Reds
Round 16: Blues, Crusaders, Highlanders
Round 16: Cheetahs, Lions, Sharks

D-Day is here, with just over three weeks left til kick-off. Well timed given a lot of the pre-season activity is starting to ramp up this weekend. Here’s a few initial thoughts:

Format: Doesn’t look like anything’s changed.

Rules: Doesn’t look like anything’s changed.

Scoring: Doesn’t look like anything’s changed – that said I’ve only had a cursory glance.

Player Prices: Look like they’re a straight carry over from the last game of last season – i.e. Melani Nanai absolutely carved it up for the Blues when they cut loose in the last two or three games, so he’s the second most expensive player in the game …… yes that’s right. I’m sure we’d all agree he’s one of the top two players in the game right now <cough>

Conclusion: Fox got lazy this season and did f*ck all. Ok, we can work with that, it’s a little more predictable in season’s gone past. But there’s two glaring points to note.

NO WILDCARD !!!! Again, this is going to be a thinking man’s season, and when you get behind, it’s going to be difficult to catch-up quickly.

BOY ARE SOME PLAYERS EXPEN$IVE I’ve had a couple of goes now and the first impression is that it’s going to be difficult to field a strong first XV, let along bench.

Still, here’s to three weeks of trying to unearth this season’s Damian McKenzie. Happy hunting.




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