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2017 Wishlist for Fox

Every year Fox decide to screw with their site, be it format, rules , layout or just about anything else you can think of.

Invariably the changes seem like they’ve been thought up by someone that doesn’t play the game, that has no knowledge of rugby – i.e. removing the wildcard last year, the transfer/sub hack before rounds, and the general re-design of the site, and lack of stats at times.

Still, there have been some good tweaks ……… no seriously, just give me a little longer to think of them ….

Moving on, here’s a few things I’d like to see introduced or at least discussed as we eagerly await kick-off this season:

Wildcard: The most obvious. I thought it would be near impossibly to manage without one last year, and it was hard going. You had to plan well in advance, which added a nice thread of long term strategy, but you could have a squad decimated by factors outside of your control such as injuries and inept coaching selection.

Injury Sub: This is my number two. Sometimes you can just be damn unlucky when it comes to picking players who get crooked in the opening minutes of the game. The option to sub one out, after they’ve picked up a point for starting, would mean that the ultimate league winner would be down more to skill then luck, which I think is the right way to go.

Post Lock Selection Sub: I’m 50/50 on this. Similar to the above, sometimes coaches just do some stupid stuff, like name someone in the squad, who’s started every other game, then drop them from the 22 entirely. Bloody annoying. A single post lock sub would be like a wildcard move each week, and allow you to take the best of you bench and get them on the field. The number of times I’ve had the weeks top scorer on my bench and nearly thrown my laptop out the window. ….

There’s plenty of other tweaking they could do. The points scoring definitely plays towards the dynamic runners, and whilst at times can seem a little random, I think we’re at a good place for overall points distribution.

If you’ve got any other ideas let us know.



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